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Our philosophy for Montie Gear products is pretty straight forward.  We provide "Heirloom Quality Products That are Troublesome Gap Tough".   Montie Gear is driven by 6 part-time contributors and supported by great vendors.  Montie Gear is a great gift for a man, husband or son.  Many of our products are made-to-order so expect a 1-2 week delay from the time you order until we ship.  If you need something by a specific deadline, then contact us directly so we can work with you to make that happen.

Heirloom Quality 

Many products in today's world are meant to have a limited life time.  A good example is that cell phone that you need to replace every two years.  It works great, but over time technology changes and the fragile electronics have a limited lifetime.  We want to design and sell products that have a very long lifetime and may actually get passed along to your kids or grandchildren.  Many rifles get passed along from parent to children, sometimes marking a rite of passage.  Granted a shooting rest isn't as special as your Grandfather's rifle.  However, we work to design and sell products that are simple, elegant and high enough quality that you will want to pass them along to your kids or grandchildren.

Troublesome Gap Tough 

Troublesome Gap is a place in Western North Carolina, near the peak of Hap Mountains and overlooking Spring Creek, NC.  My parents purchased the property over 40 years ago.  I grew up spending time there.  We cut firewood for heat, picked blackberries and raspberries, and spent some great weekends up there.  Troublesome Gap is remote and rugged, the prefect place to test our product prototypes.  Troublesome Gap Tough means our products are rugged and easy-to-use.  A delicate, hard-to-use product is a liability in the field.  We avoid that by making sure all our products provide a great customer experience and are built to last, even in demanding conditions. 

Our "Troublesome Gap Tough" products live up to the name : tough. You can say that any Montie Gear product you have is truly Troublesome Gap Tough and Heirloom Quality.

As President of Montie Design, I like the fact that we are shipping out high-quality products, many of which are almost 100% U.S. Made.   

Montie   (800-722-7987)


Sustainability and Economic Impact

There is so much greenwash and environmentalism gone mad in today's politics.  Many companies say they are "green", but just use that as a way to get you to feel good enough about them to buy their products.  I'm a big believer in corporate transparency, which generally ends up meanging that we are just admitting what you as the customer already knows.   As you know, we use local manufacturers where possible.  The following documents reflect those corporate values and show where the pieces, parts and labor really comes from.






About Us

Montie Verifying X-Rest Performance


Lars Shooting the Slingbow Configuration of the Y-Shot Slingshot

Lars Shooting the Slingbow Configuration of the Y-Shot


Most of Our Products are
100% Made in the USA


Heirloom Quality,
Troublesome Gap Tough

Montie Gear is a part of Montie Design.  Montie Design is a NC-based design firm that provides product design and development services to a variety of industries.  We also happen to enjoy spending time outdoors and the shooting sports.  The founder of Montie Design, Montie Roland, has a background in competitive shooting.  In 2008, we decided to design our own line of products.  This gave us the opportunity to do something that was uniquely Montie Design.  This led to the X-Rest shooting rest and then the AR-Rest. 

Since then, our product line continues to grow thanks to the support of the shooting and outdoor sports community.  That support comes in many forms, from sales of our equipment, articles written by reviewers, vendors providing quality components and services, and feedback from the community.  All of those are critical elements that allow us to provide relevant, high-quality products that meet your needs in an exceptional way. 

Montie Gear is the product of our love for great design and our love for the great outdoors.  Our goal is to provide easy-to-use, superior-quality outdoor and shooting gear, manufactured in the U.S.A. whenever possible.  We test many of our products at Troublesome Gap in Western North Carolina.  Our motto is "Heirloom Quality, Troublesome Gap Tough."

If you would like to visit Troublesome Gap, you can find a wealth of information about the area at

Montie Gear offers product design services.  If you like Montie Gear and your company needs product commercialization, industrial design or mechanical engineering assistance please call us at 1-800-722-7987. If you like your AR-Rest, or X-Rest, we think you'll also like what we can do for your product.  If you are just looking for a man's gift we have that in abudance.

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