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Terms & Conditions

Expedited Shipment

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Montie Gear will repair, or replace, (our call) any items with manufacturing defects.  


Warranty does not apply to slingshot bands or electronic items.  Manufacturing defects does not cover issues like wear and tear or damage by the user. There is no way to predict slingshot band life so we don't provide any sort of warranty on slingshot bands.  If you damage your Montie Gear product, we are not responsible. 


Due to the customized nature of many of our products, we generally do not refund an order or accept RMAs.  If you've used the product or damaged it, then we definitely won't refund the order.  You are buying a handmade and often customized item.  All sales are final.  Its a bummer that we have to be as strict with our policy as we are, but its due to customers that have abused the previous policy and ruined it for everyone.

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