Zombie Apocalypse-Ready Slingshot

Be ready when the Zombies arrive with this special edition version of the Montie Gear Y-Shot!

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SKUMD100023 - Zombie

Be the coolest kid on the block again with our Montie Gear exclusive Y-Shot high tech slingshot.  The aluminum frame is cut from 1/2" thick aluminum plate with a waterjet at 50,000 psi for unrivaled strength and low weight.  Then we either powdercoat or anodize the aluminum frame (depending on the color).

This slingshot is ready for hunting or target practice.  Don't hesitate to use ammo up to a 1/2" ball bearing or .44 cal lead ball ammo with this beast!

This slingshot features a tapered flat band and leather pouch assembly.  The tapered flat band has a 16 pound pull weight at approximately a 28" draw.  The band has a tapered shape and is made from a Thera-Band Gold material for a fast shot and long life. 

The handle is wrapped with 550 test weight paracord for comfort.  The paracord also provides a source of very strong cord (should you ever need it while in the field).

Make the Montie Gear slingshot part of your emergency preparedness plan.  Add it to your bug out bag with a couple of extra bands and feel confident that you are prepared should disaster strike.  This is the perfect gift for your favorite prepper or survivalist.   

The Y-Shot slingshot is also a great way to run off those pesky deer that are eating your suburban garden or shrubs.  Just make sure to to use a lower density ammo so you don't harm the deer.

This product is made in the USA and Troublesome Gap tough.

Note:  When you order, please make sure to note which color paracord you would like for the handle wrapping.  The options are:

- black
- desert camo
- woodland camo, digital, green
- pink

Because each slingshot is made to order, please expect a 1-2 week delivery time from our receipt of your order.   If it is going to be longer than 2 weeks, we'll email you with the expected delivery time.


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Liability Disclaimer

Upon purchase, receipt, and/or use, you (the user) agree to hold harmless Montie Inc., Montie Gear (www.montiegear.com), and Montie Design (www.montie.com), and its owner and offices, heirs, or employees of any and all product liability.  You agree that the above-mentioned will not be held responsible or liable for any consequential, direct or indirect or special loss, injury, or accidents caused by the slingshots, bands, pouch, ammo or other items that we produce, promote, and/or sell.  In all cases, the user assumes full responsibility and all risk associated with the use of our products.  It is your (the user's) responsibility to check local laws in order to be compliant with the slingshot, or other products that we produce, promote, and/or sell.  Our products are not to be purchased by anyone under 18 years of age.  We strongly advise parents to supervise their children at all times whenever they are using slingshots.

Care and Maintenance

• Always examine the band and pouch before use for small nicks, tears, or punctures that may cause the band to break.  If you find any flaws, immediately discard the product and replace before use.

• Store all bands out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperatures.  This is important to maximize the life of the band, especially in storage.

• Never use rocks or other sharp objects as ammunition.  Rocks and sharp objects will damage the band and pouch.

• After contact with chlorinated water, rinse the bands with tap water and dry flat.

• If the bands becomes sticky, clean with mild soap and water, dry flat, and then dust with talcum powder.

Note:  Please keep in mind that the slingshot bands are made from a natural material. This means that we have no way of predicting the life of the band. Even the best maintained bands can fail inexplicably or have a short life time. Despite our best efforts, using high quality industry standard materials and testing; approximately 1% of the bands fail early. As a result we strongly encourage you to purchase extra bands. We do not provide a warranty of any kind on bands.


About the Designer

Nicholas Alexander Pennington, currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design, has a bold, determined attitude and perspective on the design process.  This unique perspective and his passion for unique products led him to become a finalist in the 2011 Montie Design Contest, and an intern for Montie Design during the summer of 2011.  Pennington specializes in 3D modeling, sculptures, and dynamic products such as knives, military and defense products, and tools.  He plans to graduate in May 2013, and work at an outdoor gear company or knife company focusing on knives and pocket knives. 



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