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  • Camping Shelf and Cutting Board

    If you have a tree in your campsite and our Camping Shelf, then you are on the way to having a well organized and sanitary camp kitchen!

    This shelf quickly assembles and sets up without any tools. When you are done, it breaks down flat for easy transportation. All the frame members are connected with a stainless steel lanyard to keep you from leaving anything behind.

    The food prep surface is made from a cutting board material for easy clean up and safe food prep. Use it for car camping or setting up a base camp. Works well for large groups such Boy Scout or Girl Scout troops. The shelf also provides a great surface for field dressing small game and birds on your next hunt.

    For more detailed information about the Montie Gear Camping Shelf, check out the Description tab below!

    Made in USA

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  • Pawtraps Quiet Quiver
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    Pawtraps Quiet Quiver

    Awesome way to maintain a low visual profile in the woods.  Bow mounted quivers are convenient but the fletchings on the arrows attract attention everytime you move your bow.  This quiver allows you to reach down and quickly and quietly grab your arrow.  It also unclips to mount directly to your hunting pack or strap into your tree stand.

    This product is handmade from scratch by Ray Earnhardt in Fines Creek, NC.  Since its handmade, every quiver is slightly different.  Pockets may change slight and mounting points may change slightly for better balance.  Ray is an active long bow hunter and designed this quiver to improve his hunting experience.

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