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  • 900MHz RFID Field Detector

    Update - we should have these back in stock around 4/1/23.  Any orders you place before then should ship around 4/1/23.

    Never again wonder where an RFID portal can, or can't, read tags. The Montie Gear RFID Field Detector allows the user to quickly determine the location of the extents of an RFID field just by pushing a button watching as the signal strength changes with the location of the card.  This is a great way to map your RFID field using this tool as a field strength mapper.  This is also a great way to look for aging hardware.

    Montie Gear RFID Field Detectors are used worldwide as simple tools to test whether or not RFID portals are emitting a signal. These inexpensive tools help technicians troubleshoot RFID systems since 2009. The RFID Field Detector is our next generation unit, providing the ability to inexpensively find the extent of the usable RFID field.  These tools are also great for setting up your race timing system.

    Advanced RFID Field Detectors Profiled to Your OEM Product: The basic RFID Field Detectors are an excellent way to determine where your field reaches and where it does not. Advanced RFID Field Detectors are a calibrated way of enhancing the accuracy of the results. Send your portal, antenna and sample tags to Montie Gear. We will then create a custom RFID Field Detector that is calibrated to your specific portal / antenna / tag combination. We can even brand it with your logo. Integrate these cards into every RFID system you sell as a great way to provide a value add to your customers, or just sell them as a way to increase customer satisfaction, provide a valuable tool, and bring in additional profits. Contact Montie Roland today at montie@montie.com to get us started on your custom branded RFID Field Detector.

    For more detailed information about the Montie Gear 900MHz RFID Field Detector, check out the Description tab below!

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