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Where can I buy Montie Gear slingshots:

Montie Gear website -

Simple Shot - NC made slingshots and a retailer for Montie Gear (with free shipping on some items)

UK buyers check out -


Expedited Shipment Available

Need your Montie Gear fast?  Please visit our store on Amazon.


How do I connect with the slingshot community and learn more about the joy of shooting a slingshot?


How do I keep shipping costs low for countries outside the US?

Just click on the "Checkout Outside the US" button from the shopping cart.


How fast is the Montie Gear Slinshot?

One of our intern projects was to evaluate the performance of the Montie Gear Y-Shot Slingshot with a variety of different bands.  You can dowload the report here. We found out that the Montie Gear Y-Shot or Gloveshot moves a 3/8" steel ball at approx. 150 FPS right out of the box!


When did Montie Gear launch and why?

We started in 2009 as what we called an “institutional sandbox” -- kinda-of a skunk works for Montie Design ( Montie Design is a product development and consulting firm that develops products companies across the U.S. Developing our own products was a great way to give everyone in Montie Design the opportunity to participate in developing products that we were personally interested in. Over time, the Montie Gear product line has grown to the point where it is now a separate company.
Where is your HQ and how many employees do you have?
We are currently located in Morrisville with a satellite manufacturing facility in Spring Creek. The headquarters is moving to the Asheville area in Q3 of 2014.
What are Montie Gear core products?
Our best selling products are the Y-Shot slingshot and the AR-Rest. The technology behind those products is used in many of our other products.
What are your company’s differentiators? 
We design and manufacture heirloom quality products that are what we call Troublesome Gap tough, solving a simple problem in a simple way. We want to make being outdoors fun. The kind of products that you want to pass down to your grand kids. This means that our products are more expensive that the average mass market product and not for everyone's budget, but its a product that you will be happy that you bought.
Who are Montie Gear customers? 
Our customers represent a broad demographic that includes recreational shooters, slingshot enthusiasts,  hunters, campers and preppers. These are people that share a common love of the outdoors and want to make their outdoor experience better.  
What problems does Montie Gear solve?
Our mantra is to solve a simple problem in a simple way. We make the experience outdoors, camping or shooting (firearm or slingshot) better and more fun.
Please share any examples of positive feedback, direct or indirect, on Montie Gear products.
We get a steady stream of customer and media praises about our products. Those comments have a common theme of uncompromising quality and tough products that solve a simple problem in a simple way.
What makes Montie Gear relevant to the future of your industry?
Many companies focus on reducing costs and designing products for the mass market, allowing them to fill a need for low cost products that sell in big box stores. They are providing good, low cost products to a broad base of customers. That is not us. Montie Gear focuses on great design, high quality and made local. We also have a community-based approach to design that includes customer feedback and intern contributions. The interns that work on Montie Gear products get a jump start on their career by doing great hands on work bringing their enthusiasm and creativity to our products. Simply put we have a different business model and hope that will help improve the outdoor products industry as a whole.

Replace A Band

See our How To Replace A Slingshot Band page for detailed instructions.