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  • Elderberry Plants

    Grow your own elderberries!  They are super easy to grow and full of good nutrients. These figs were grown from cuttings we took from bushes on our farm.

    We have multiple varieties.  We suggest planting at least 2 elderberry plants of two different varieties so they can cross pollinate.

    These are available for local pickup only.  Pickup in Sanford, NC or Bennett, NC

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  • Potted Fig Tree

    Ever wanted a fig tree in your yard?  The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next

    We have multiple varieties of figs.  These figs were grown from cuttings we took from our trees.  

    These are available for local pickup only.  Pickup in Sanford, NC or Bennett, NC.

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  • Rent-a-Tree / Rent-a-Bush

    We enjoy seeing the farm grow and expand. Growing those wonderful fruit and nut bearing trees and bushes requires space, equipment, hard work and years of preplanning. Many of these plants take years before they bear fruit or nuts.

    So why not rent a tree or bush and enjoy the harvest without needing the land and equipment and hard work. Instead, just subscribe to that plant and enjoy the harvest without the difficulty.

    Buy an annual plan and get all of the production from one of our fruit bearing trees and bushes.  All of the output of that tree or bush is yours.  You get to watch it grown and pick it when the fruit is ripe.  All of the benefits without needing to have your own farm and tend it year round.

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  • Honey from our Farm

    Enjoy honey from our farm.  This is raw honey from our farm in Bennett, NC.  We don't use pesticides on our farm.  Packaged in a glass jar.

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  • Troublesome Gap Honey

    Enjoy honey from our campsite in the remote Troublesome Gap location.  The campsite is located a 3600 feet of elevation and about an hour from NC.  The pollen available to the bees in this location gives the honey a unique flavor which varies from year to year.

    If you want to camp where the honey is produced please visit Camp at Beautiful Troublesome Gap

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