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The Montie Design AR-Rest Lightweight is ultralight (12.1 ounces), especially handy in the field or on the trail where weight is critical. AR-Rest.LIGHTWEIGHT is stable, strong and durable shooting position in place in the field. It is lightweight and sets up very quickly for an accurate shot. When not in use, it dismantles and collapses for easy storage.

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Made in USA

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  • 3/16" water jet aluminum frame
  • Non-slip EPDM rubber guards and feet
  • Stainless steel quick release pin
  • Assembles/collapses in seconds
  • Holding area is 9.5" high
  • Rugged powder coat finish
  • Made in USA - Troublesome Gap tough

Weight & Dimensions

  • 12.1 ounces
  • Footprint: 11" x 12"
  • 9.5" from top of bench to AR-Rest mounting area
  • Packed: 15" x 2.5" x 2.5" (L x W x D)


The AR-Rest.LIGHTWEIGHT is an ultralight and portable shooting rest, placing the rifle stock approximately 9.5 inches from the top of the bench. This allows the AR-Rest.LIGHTWEIGHT to be a superb bench rest for use with a variety of firearms from hunting rifles to shotguns to pistols. Three points of contact keeps the rest securely on the bench. Three EDPM rubber feet are included if extra grip and stability are required for the mounting surface.

The AR-Rest.LIGHTWEIGHT also works great with the telephoto lens on your camera, or any other scenario where a secure, quick and easy resting location is needed!

Important Features

  • Easily assembles or collapses in seconds thanks to the simple design and use of a quick-release pin
  • Lightweight materials keep the AR-Rest.LIGHTWEIGHT at just over 12 ounces in weight
  • Can be stored almost anywhere thanks to the small form factor when collapsed
  • EDPM rubber pads are weather-proof and supply a non-slip mounting surface
  • Product is locally made in North Carolina from North Carolina and US made components

An AR-Rest is Born

The journey to make the AR-Rest.LIGHTWEIGHT starts off at a place called ADR Hydrocut in Morrisville, NC. They cut out the frame from 3/16" thick aluminum using a water jet. A water jet uses a 50,000 psi stream of water and abrasive to cut the frame of the AR-Rest.LIGHTWEIGHT from the 3/16" thick 6061 aluminum. The water jet is a process that doesn't generate heat so the properties of the billet aluminum are maintained.

We then take the parts and bring them back to our shop where they are tumbled to remove any burrs. We then take the batch of AR-Rests to Triangle Coatings in Raleigh, NC for powder coat. Powder coating is a process where the parts are given an electrical charge then sprayed with a dry powder that has the opposite charge. The difference in electrical charges makes the powder stick to the metal. The parts go in an oven that melts the powder, resulting in a very robust and consistent finish. This means your Montie Gear AR-Rest.LIGHTWEIGHT is ready for a lifetime of use.

After the powder coating process, the stainless steel quick-release pin and it's nylon coated stainless steel lanyard are installed using a high strength Loctite to ensure the threading is secure. A high strength instant adhesive is then used to secure the EDPM rubber pads to the resting area of the AR-Rest.

Once all those steps are complete, your Montie Gear AR-Rest.LIGHTWEIGHT is ready for decades of use. We really mean it when we designed this product for you to pass along to your grand children.

Field Reviews

Meet the Staff

The Montie Gear staff works hard to provide you with a truly heirloom quality and high performance. Montie Gear is made locally so, if you wanted to meet everyone that worked hard to make your slingshot and see all the processes that went into the product, then we can arrange that! This is a benefit that few companies can offer. Contact us to set up a tour.

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  • Dale Baker
    Nov 22, 2014, 07:00
    Great Rest. I have used to sight in 2 guns at the range. We also used it to sight in a 6.8 for this years deer season. Poor deer.
  • Eric Snyder
    Aug 10, 2014, 08:00
    "I spoke with one of our guys in the military recently and the aspect of weight came up and the average field pack that can weigh between 100-200 lbs depending on..." And it dawned on me that it's the small 3 or 5 lbs that add up to big numbers, just like setting up a race car, you shave ounces here and there to save weight, not cut 50 lbs. by eliminating the steering column, for instance. And so goes it with the gun rest; I've seen nice ones that really weigh too much practically to be permanently "strapped" on to the rifle it makes the gun nose heavy and quick movement suffers - Monties Gear AR X-rest Lightweight water jet cut aluminum polymer coated portable gun rest is a dream!
    {side note: X-Rest can be tie strapped to the hand guard for a temporary run-and-gun application or just held in place with the supporting hand from underneath as you would naturally hold a rifle}.
    So light at first I thought it was a piece of plastic... No Way, it is a very High Quality Metal, Extremely Light you may forget you have it with you! Very we'll made in the USA HIGH QUALITY comprised of 3 main parts with EXACTING TOLERANCES that fit together perfectly with a ball bearing / pin quick release fastener requiring no tools to assemble at record breaking speed! Monties engineers deserve a pat on the back for doing a great job behind Montie who thought of it; hats off to you GREAT JOB! One may not think weight of an object matters in this case it does - LIGHTER IS BETTER & strength DOES NOT have to be compromised either. I vote for Monties Gear AR X-rest lightweight for product of the year! Great quality, function and price! Happy to be in my camping & shooting gear collection and used for years to come. 2 Thumbs up - Highly recommend!

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